kimberly young(non-registered)
I had an excellent credit score on both Equifax (792) and Transunion (795) then in January 2018 my score dropped, when I checked it I saw that it was only Transunion score that dropped by about 44 points. When I looked even closer I see Transunion has my bank credit card on my report as two separate cards with two separate balances. This is through credit karma. I have 3 cards. 1 closed 2 active. The closed one was transferred to a new card which is one of my 2 active cards. Transunion showed 4 cards! 3 active 1 closed! Neither of the duplicates of my single bank card had the correct current balance. I disputed this error saying balance was incorrect because they didn’t give me the option to type any details only select pull down tab. So instead of correcting the duplicated card with two incorrect balances they freaking erased the card/account and said it was taken care of. WTF!? Now according to Transunion I have 2 cards one active one closed. This affected my credit profile badly therefore I needed help from a credit expert to bring my credit history back up to speed since Transunion wouldn’t do their job correctly and I needed to purchase a home for my family. After much research online, I resorted to a known credit specialist called ZEUS VIRUS for help. I explained everything to him and he promised to correct the mistake and restore my score to what it was before. We got started with the project ASAP and after 7 days, he completed the project, restored my scores to 797 and even added some good trade line to my credit profile and I was able to purchase the home. I strongly recommend him for any credit related problems, here is his contact (ZEUSVIRUS212@WRITEME.COM, +1 872 444 9603).
Eric Jude(non-registered)
Hi all! I am Eric, I posted this some weeks ago on reddit credits forum and someone suggested I consult HACKWEST, that they are realiable hacking firm. I immediately demanded for there contacts ( Email: HACKWEST@WRITEME.COM cell: +1 424 307 2638)
Which he gave to me free of charge and I mailed and texted HACKWEST this: “Back Story: Graduated 5 years ago. Loans are limiting my career, depression, creative block, hunger. Trying to figure out the best strategy going forward I finally landed at a decent job in my field. Income: 50k w/train fare paid, no healthcare. Live in NYC. (Started in February, previously making 35k after tax).
Situtation: I have a bad private loan - 19k @ 11.25% and 50k in 13 federal loans varying interest rates of 3.25 - 6.75% 20k is Direct Stafford Sub and Unsub / 30k are FFEL Sub and Unsub
Federal Loans are in IBR & PAYE (both payment plans are post 3 years, so no interest assistance)
Currently paying $400 per/month on private loan / Federal Loans have been adjusted to $90 based on income.
Strategy: Consolidate federal loans into 50k @ 5.875% and enrolling in REPAYE or PAYE on direct debit. This would lower my rate to 5.675% on the 50k. Let the government pay the extra interest for the next 3 years and hammer the 19k private loan with everything I possibly can. This would be approximately $500 per month + 2-4k extra dumps per year (freelance).
Simultaneously, working on getting some missed payments (long story chase customer service told me I could double payments up and skip the following month while traveling: 3 missed payments from 2013) removed from my credit report. Once these are removed hopefully my credit will go up from 650-670 and I can look at refinancing the private loan to a lower interest rate.
My gf thinks I should not consolidate and pay the private at $350 + 2-4k freelance slam and attack the federal stuff with higher rates with the other $250-300.
I'm not sure that I'll ever be debt free before 20 years is up. Maybe getting rid of the private loan and coasting on the federal debt is the way to go?
*The payments are estimated on the low end, as I'm still adjusting to my new income.. Had to buy healthcare, new job related expenses, and other misc expenses. I hope to push this amount up.
Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. I've been using my off day to figure everything out. Done a ton of reading and calling all the servicers but feel very alone in this. Thanks!” I got a swift response from HACKWEST, I gave out my information and made some financial commitment, they assured me that my credits will be fixed in less than 15days, after 9days I checked and all negative items have being removed, making me dept free, adding 3 positive trade lines to my credit. I can’t appreciate HACKWEST enough. I strongly recommend HACKWEST for your credit repair, Chex system and DUI fix.
Arlene West(non-registered)
I was on the verge of loosing everything I ever owned due to debts and bad credit and I just didn't know if I could live with it. I decided to take a last step of faith to look for how to fix it and I went online. A friend already suggested a hacker Gary McKinnon to help me fix my situation but I wanted to be sure so I did further research and it turns out the hacker is highly recommended. I contacted the hacker, told him my situation and put my trust in him. Unbelievably, the hacker did what I thought was impossible,... He cleared my credit card debts all of them and fixed my credit score and report. I believe he is God's instrument and I can only testify,..,.. It's a miracle and I still can't believe it. The whole internet is buzzing about this hacker and I can't help but share my story. cyborg is real and an angel so contact him on ( if you have any debt and credit score problem...
Laurence Rodriguez(non-registered)
Few weeks ago, I noticed that my insurance premiums increased and my interest rate hindered me from getting some benefits and securing a job of my choice. I was browsing and checking my Facebook, when i came across a review online about a woman on a blog thanking and recommending a hacker for job well done. She in sighted the man assisted her in securing a job after her credit score was changed from poor to excellent. I had no choice than to risk the chance because i needed a job to cater for my only son. I still can't believe it but it's a dream come to reality, my credit had increased from 496 to 760 within 72 hours and later got my dream job coupled with a new home as a result of my new excellent score. This man needs to be recommended for a job perfectly done. Should in case you need such assistance, contact (garymckinnoncyberservice@gmail) now to fix your credit. Be guaranteed of a positive result!
Debbie Hines(non-registered)
I don’t have a negative opinion about this hacker called Aaron Swartz. I have issue with my low credit score until a friend of mine introduced me to Aaron Swartz, This hacker hack into my FICO credit and My score finally increased to 831 within 48 to 72 hours and He also fixed the negatives items on my report which now I can apply for a mortgage loan to get a new mansion. He is real and trust worthy. Contact him on his regular email for such assistance aaronswartzcyberservices At Gmail Dot Com
Richard Bailey(non-registered)
I was all in debt and was confused about what to do with my life until i found this credit repair expert.
I explained all my problems to him and i was surprised when he said evrything would be ready in 2 weeks,
He helped me clear all the negative items on my credit report and increase my credit score to 790 excellent and i got approved for car loans, house loans and all.
He's the real deal out there. you can also reach him via ( or (321) 256-3670
Clark Harris(non-registered)
Hello, my name is Harris I feel like I'm Trilled to this guy who helped fix my crashing credit profile , I have really had multiple bad experience with credit repair companies and experts. I opened up to a Friend about my poor and bad credit report and how I have been scammed off my money severally by credit repair companies. He gave me his personal hacker’s contact. I buzzed him and he responded ASAP and we got started. And in 17 business days I have my credit report clear, all negatives deleted and my score up to speed (765). His service charge is substantial and he his reliable and proficient in delivery. Contact him today via his email on CYBERMAYOR@WRITEME.COM or text on +1 205 418 0498.
Lindsay Patterson(non-registered)
I will advise you all to contact Aaron Swartz for your credit repair. My uncle introduced me to the credit specialist called Aaron Swartz that is capable of solving my problem then i get intouch with him. To my surprise, He help me removed 5 collection items on my report and raise my credit from 420 to 830 excellent within 72 hours. He pay off my mortgage loan, I will forever be indebted to him as I wouldn’t be a proud owner of a home and a comfortable lifestyle if not for him. Get in touch with him via aaronswartzcyberservices At Gmail Dot Com
Lola Whitney(non-registered)
My name is Lola Whitney, a single mother of two (2). Few months’ back I applied for a loan, I needed a new home but due to my bad credit profile I was unable to get a loan. I had a lot of collections, medical bills, Financial ruins and bankruptcy my score was around 500. I decided to dig online and I found a beautiful review on a special hacker LEVELSEVEN from a respected credit repair website forum. I contacted him and he responded favorably, we negotiated and moved on to fixing my credit. He sent me screenshots of his process and I couldn’t believe my eyes. After 7 days of the project, my job was done as he promised and my score was raised to 800. I got the home all thanks to LEVELSEVEN. I am currently writing from my new home with much enticement. He is a genius, contact him and be happy LEVELSEVEN@WORKMAIL.COM, +1 064-260-1996.
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