50.John Hamer(non-registered)
Thank you so much for all you help!! Your photos are awesome.
43.Robert Bob Lalas
The pictures you have a great i love to at those picture its very inspiring. I'm so grateful i found this website.
13.Jaime Martin(non-registered)
My husband and I booked Mr. Ramsay for our wedding after he was referred to us by friends. The day of the wedding Mr. Ramsay arrived at the venue before his scheduled time and immediately started working. We were most pleased with his ability to capture the smallest detail and his creative eye. We will be using Mr. Ramsay for our future events!
12.Kate Monte(non-registered)
I've been using Ozzie Ramsay for all my photographic needs for almost six years now. Every year he shoots our annual Christmas card photo. He has done some composite shots for my son, who is interested in getting into modeling. He also photographed my stepson's Bar Mitzvah. I'm always satisfied with the work! Ozzie also shoots my sister's annual family portraits, and we've always been happy! I'd recommend his services to anyone and I'm happy he is not just our photographer, but now my friend as well.
11.Quinn Patton(non-registered)
I wish I knew and had Ozzie as my photographer many years go! I feel as though I have been cheated of captured moments in my life- I didn't have Ozzie as my photographer for these life momentual moments. I had someone who thought photography was fun and a great hobby. But with Ozzie it is his GIFT. He has an eye that can see all angles of a single shot. He can capture a moment and turn it into the most amazingly beautiful thing you've seen- a stop sign, parades, cries, hugs, etc. He brings out the hidden beauty of anything he takes. I met him at the most opportune moment. His photography has increased my confidence In myself, caused me to look at things in this city differently, and most importantly my desire to capture MORE MOMENTS! Here's to more of life's milestones for you to capture and freeze for me. I'm so blessed to call Ozzie my photographer.
10.Loyce E. Spells II(non-registered)
There are beginner, intermediate, and expert photographers and then there's Ozzie. Ozzie isn't a classification nor a position that one can aspire to be....either you're born an Ozzie or not!
Call Him - Book Him - Experience Him - Love Him
9.Linda Solotaire(non-registered)
Ohhhhhhh Ozzie! I love you - you are the only photographer who has ever truly seen me. I wouldn't go to anyone else.

If you are a potential client of Ozzie's - don't look anywhere else. He is kind, giving, put's you at ease, has a lovely sense of humor - and is a consummate professional. I've sent dozens of friends and colleagues to Ozzie - and they've all gone back.
8.Leslee Curtin(non-registered)
Ozzie IS the photographer to capture your special moments!!! Ozzie went to Ireland with us to photograph our wedding, and then a year later, he was taking some fabulous pictures of my husband and I in our 7th month of pregnancy. The moments he caught, will be on our walls forever. The pictures are so special to us!! Thank you Ozzie!!
7.Kelli S(non-registered)
Ozzie has taken both family photos and headshots for my children. His style captures the warmth And uniqueness of a family. The headshots are beautiful and professional! He puts the kids at ease and makes everyone feel gorgeous. The end result is stunning! He has excellent creativity, knowledge of positioning and light, and it creates a wonderful end product. We will use his services for years to come!
6.Andy Sohn(non-registered)
Ozzie does a great job of putting you at ease in the environment, as he patiently and methodically frames you in the best natural light which floats down from the huge window above. He takes great care in doing the best possible job of conveying the essence of you.
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